Make your K-pop dreams come true with KAABOOM!

Kaaboom is a new K-pop fan entertainment service that brings your wildest K-pop dreams to life! Suggest any idea that you want us to do for your favorite idols and we will record the whole moment and share entertaining videos with fans. Once we have collected the ideas, we will ask fans to vote to make them happen in real life. Complete the survey below to vote for your favorite K-pop stan and help us make your K-pop dreams come true with Kaaboom!

Make a contribution

Be a hero in the making! Your contribution brings the K-Healing Day to life for Blackswan. Help us reach our fundraising goal and be part of K-pop history. Contribute now!




$4000 USD


KAABOOM’s first project,
A Heartwarming Success!

Our very first project with Blackswan was a huge success, thanks to the support and participation of fans like you! Blackswan fans, the amazing global ‘Lumina’ requested us to send a surprise gift to their filming site, and we sent a coffee truck to share the love from fans with crew members as well. We captured the whole heartwarming moment and shared on Kaaboom YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.




$4000 USD


How KAABOOM works

Submit your idea

Suggest any idea that you want us to do for your favorite idols.

Vote for your favorite idea

Once the fans’ idea arrives, we will select a few ideas to make them happen in real life and ask fans to vote among ideas we have selected.

Make it happen

When the vote has ended, we will arrange the event with idol, film the whole process to share the video with fans.

Get personalized video

Watch your wish come true on Kaaboom’s Youtube channel!

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